“With the GMTEF program, I know that I have a productive and positive place for my kids to go after school every single day.”
“I am a single mother and have three children who have been in the GMTEF program for four years. The program has had a very positive impact on each of them. My 11 year old now has healthier eating habits that have improved her health; My 9 year old has improved her grades from a C average to an A; and my 6 year old has improved in his discipline and reading habits. I am very thankful to GMTEF for the great impact they have had on me and my children’s lives, as well as many other children and parents in the community.”
“The GMTEF program at Moore Park has influenced our boys with good character. The staff has not only taught them tennis technique but life lessons that they will cherish forever."
“I love the program at GMTEF. My daughter not only learns how to play tennis but also learns about nutrition and life skills and has made many friends.”
It is important to me that I have quality after-care for my daughter. The GMTEF program engages her mentally as well as physically. She is thrilled to attend each and every day!”