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Our Mission is, to develop, organize, and conduct life skills and academic development programs through tennis to youth from economically and socially challenged Miami-Dade communities.

Initially, it was the Miami Chapter of the National Junior Tennis League (NJTL). By 1988, the addition of programs and services warranted reorganizing and renaming the Chapter, the Greater Miami Tennis Patrons Foundation. In 1994, the Foundations Board of Directors shortened its name to the Greater Miami Tennis Foundation. In 2006, to highlight the Foundations important focus on education, the Board of Directors changed the name to the Greater Miami Tennis & Education Foundation (GMTEF).

Since 1974, over 50,000 youngsters have had the opportunity to learn tennis and valuable life skills by participating in free, affordable First Serve Miami programs.

These programs establish a pathway from beginner through competitive levels and enrich youngsters lives on and off the tennis courts. We continue to focus on our mission to develop, organize and conduct education, tennis awareness and skills development programs for youth from economically and socially challenged communities in Miami-Dade County. First Serve Miami is committed to helping participants become well-rounded individuals by focusing on character development, self-esteem and academic achievement.

Over the past 37 years, the First Serve Miami Foundation has established itself as one of the premier community tennis organizations in the United States. Its accomplishments include being selected the Organization of the Year by the United States Tennis Association in 1994, voted NJTL of the Year in 2007 $500,000 and below, and being ranked 5th nationally among similar organizations by Tennis Week Magazine in 2002. The dynamic staff and board contribute exceptional leadership skills from a broad range of business backgrounds, as well as tremendous experience in every aspect of tennis, from the local recreational level to international competition on the professional tour. Donna Fales, who was the first President of the Chapter, as well as the first Executive Director of the Foundation, and Bobby Curtis, who is still an active First Serve Miami Board Member, are two of the original Founding Members!

First Serve Miami


All First Serve Miami Coaches are certified by PTR, USPTA and CPR/AED to offer the highest quality of service


Based in Moore Park we deliver the thrill of the game and the excitement of learning in a meaningful and fun manner.


The foundation is a 501(c)3 organization with a volunteer Board of Directors that targets spending in free or reduced fee tennis and educational programs that benefit the children of Greater Miami-Dade.


• Adopt-A-Player Program (AAP)
• Moore Park Initiative (MPI)
• Community Partners Program (CPP)


Committed to Excellence by partnering with highly qualified and skilled tennis instructors, coaches, academic teachers and advisors to provide an amazing for the kids.


First Serve Miami is an organization which supports the Miami Community by using tennis as a catalyst for positive change.